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Kailla Kipu | Cruz de Motupe | Pitumarca | Tarma

Ethica accessories is helping women in four communities in Peru. 

In each community, the women receive cash-in-hand payments for their products. This income is used for basics such as food, medicine, medical fees and school supplies. 

These workshops give women the chance to develop their skills and abilities, which in turn improves their confidence and dignity. This opens doors to other opportunities.

Kailla Kipu

 Kailla Kipu is in the outskirts of the capital city Lima.

Casa Betania

Casa Betania started in 1995 and makes:

In 2004 Casabet SRL was legally established as an enterprise where the members are the workers.

Together with Ethica accessories, they have been able to introduce their products to the overseas market.

They promote pre-Columbian art and design and are proud of their brand - and ensure their products are well received by their quality and finishes.

Cruz de Motupe

The hills of Motupe

Cruz de Motupe is a settlement on the edge of the city of Lima, where the majority of people have come from the provinces in search of a better education and future for their children. The dry barren hills that surround Motupe are an indication of the daily struggle the women face.

They are responsible for making:

This group of women, led by Sr Clare Conaglen, meet in the bell tower of the church.  This is where most of the goods are made, although some of the women need to complete the work back home while they look after their children.

This church bell tower was the inspiration behind their label, which displays the tower and reads: 

The sale of this article enables this woman and her family to live with dignity. Lovingly handmade in Motupe, Lima.


Pitumarca is one of the communities we support in a remote mountainous area in the Andes, near Cusco. 

They produce goods using beautiful alpaca including:  

alpaca scarves

alpaca hats 

finger puppets

Their symbol is the red gentian, a wildflower that flourishes nearby.  It symbolises the beauty of the Peruvian women and her resilience in the face of daily hardship.


The group of women we support in Tarma are based on the hills of the Andean town about 7 hours east of Lima.

This group is led by Sr Patricia Day,they produce work under the name 'Las Flores de Tarma' (The Flowers of Tarma).  

These women get together every week and are happy for the opportunity to make:

This group aims to become more self-sufficient.

Their label displays a Hummingbird and is called Picaflor. It reads: 

From the Central Andes in Peru this comes to you made by busy fingers for your enjoyment and our own advancement

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